7 Ways

You can help orphaned and vulnerable children and the poor by partnering with Amazima Ministries.

1. SPONSOR A CHILD: Your gift of at least $300 a year ($25/month), helps to provide for over 600 children:

  • Primary and Secondary education at a Christian school with opportunity for post-secondary education
  • School supplies and uniform
  • 3 meals a day
  • Extensive medical care
  • Christian discipleship, mentoring, and counseling
  • Spiritual growth activities for the children and their families and/or guardians

As an Amazima sponsor, you receive:

  • Photo and biography of one of the children in our Child Sponsorship program
  • Bi-monthly sponsor-exclusive eNewsletter
  • Original artwork from of the children in our Child Sponsorship program once a year
  • Quarterly updates on Amazima Ministries

2. SUPPORT OUR FEEDING PROGRAM in the Masese community. Over 1,200 orphaned and vulnerable children rely on us Monday through Friday for food. This can be overwhelming, and yet God always provides.

3. GIVE WHERE MOST NEEDED: Whether medical, relational, vocational, rehabilitation, supplies, evangelism, there are needs everywhere. Our team in Uganda faces life and death each day.

4. PURCHASE JEWELRY made through Amazima's vocational program to benefit the slum community of Masese. When you purchase from the Amazima store, you employ a hard working mother to care for her own family. All profits from Amazima's jewelry sales directly support the feeding of over 1,200 children in Masese.

5. SHARE OUR STORY —not that Amazima would receive any glory, but that we would awaken the world to the needs of the orphan, the poor and the oppressed. Be educators with us. LIKE us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to Katie's blog and share it with others. Help us be a voice for the people and children of Uganda.

6. PRAY: We need prayers for strength and wisdom. We need prayers for provision and protection. Please pray for the Ugandan people — for salvation and restoration with God. Pray for the little children —that they would know God's love and experience it. Never underestimate what your prayers can and will do!

7. And as you pray, consider whether God might be calling you to ADOPT or become a FOSTER parent. Foster care and adoption are at the very heart of God (James 1:27), and also near and dear to our heart at Amazima. We see children every day who do not have a family or anyone to care for them.

Visit Show Hope, ABBA Fund, or the Christian Alliance for Orphans to learn more about adoption and foster care.

Photographs by: Kristin J. Photography & Joseph Terranova