Community Outreach

Saturday Fellowship

Every Saturday, the children in our Education Sponsorship Program gather at the Amazima Ministries Land in Buziika, for breakfast, worship, Bible study, lunch, and lots of playtime. This is an important and fun day for the Amazima children and staff. It is also a great time for all of us to see and build relationships with the children in the sponsorship program and make sure everyone is doing well, addressing any medical or personal issues that were not resolved by mentors during the week. Most importantly this is a time to praise our Savior and learn more about who He is and His love for each of us! We hope that each child in our program, as well as all of our staff members, are encouraged by this time and equipped for the week ahead.

Easter JESUS Film

At Easter, we invite the children from our sponsorship program, along with their families and the surrounding community of our property in Buziika to show the JESUS film. In 2013, roughly 1,000 people came to watch the film with us. Released by Campus Crusade for Christ, the JESUS film is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke and has been seen by over 6 billion people since its release in 1979. One of the most encouraging aspects of the viewing was that it has been translated to Luganda so that God's Word is presented in a language that our friends know and fully comprehend. At the conclusion of the film, several in attendance responded to the Gospel and committed their lives to Christ. We pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in the hearts of those who viewed the film — revealing truth, stirring hearts towards God, and providing strength and comfort to the believers.

Masese Immunizations

In May 2012, Amazima Ministries, Equip Uganda and the Ugandan government worked together to offer a mass immunization initiative in Masese for children under the age of six. Prior to this mass immunization there were seven recorded deaths in Masese related to an outbreak of the measles virus throughout Uganda. The government was able to supply the two doctors and three nurses to help distribute and administer the measles and polio immunizations. Together with the Community Health Group in Masese and Equip Uganda, we were able to get the majority of Masese children immunized. Vitamin A and Albendazole capsules (for de–worming) were also distributed to the children. All children present were also tested for HIV and those who tested positive were counseled by Amazima Ministries social workers and taken for follow up at local clinics. In total, 482 children in the Masese community were immunized for measles and polio.

Photographs by: Kristin J. Photography & Joseph Terranova