I would like to volunteer for Amazima. Do you have a volunteer program?

Thank you so much for your offer to help Katie and serve with Amazima. Currently Amazima is focused on establishing strong in-country programs and building relationships with the Ugandan people. We want you to have opportunities to serve the poor, but Amazima has chosen not to facilitate these kinds of trips at this time. This is because we want to direct our attention to the immediate and urgent needs around us in Uganda. There are many organizations who host volunteer and short-term mission trips and we encourage you to serve through these ministries. We occasionally have a need for volunteers in our Stateside office in Franklin, TN. If you wanted to be added to the Franklin volunteer list email us at volunteer@amazima.org.

How did Katie get started?

Katie was a typical high school student interested in caring for orphaned children in a third world country. She approached her parents her senior year of high school, asking if she could spend a few weeks in Uganda serving at an orphanage. Her mother joined her for her first trip. After graduating in 2007, Katie decided to go back to Uganda as a volunteer kindergarten teacher. Amazima began as Katie wrote friends and family back home about the need for education sponsors for children. As friends began to give financially, Katie started Amazima Ministries International. Since that time Amazima has grown exponentially, serving through sponsorship, community outreach, medical care, discipleship training, and vocational projects. Katie continues to look at the needs around her as she lives in Uganda, building relationships and problem-solving, working alongside of a team of nationals, and trusting the Holy Spirit to guide her in Amazima's outreach.

Can I go see (serve, wash her clothes, etc) Katie?

You are so kind to offer! Katie has several trusted people to help her in Uganda. We know you want to help, but this is her home and her children, and between caring for her daughters and serving as Executive Director of Amazima, sometimes having strangers visit and stay with Katie can be physically and emotionally tiring.

I want to send items not just money - what does Katie need?

Mailing items to Uganda is expensive and unreliable! Packages often get lost or stolen. They might take months to arrive. If Katie or the children Amazima serves have needs, Amazima prefers to support the local Ugandan economy as much as possible. Therefore, we would prefer that you not send any packages to Katie at this time. If you would like to send medical supplies or other specific materials, you can contact us at thetruth@amazima.org.

I made a donation that I need to cancel [or] I accidentally submitted a donation twice on your website. Can I get a refund?

As a non-profit organization we greatly appreciate your support of our mission. If you desire a refund please contact our Donor Care Department at donors@amazima.org.

I have been giving automatically but need to stop these gifts or make a change to my credit card. How do I go about this?

Please contact our Donor Care Department at donors@amazima.org and we will discontinue these for you. As an added means of security for you, once you establish a gift via credit card, your card information is encrypted and we are not able to make changes. If your card has been lost or you need to make a change to the number or expiration date, please contact us at donors@amazima.org and we will discontinue the scheduled payments and assist you in establishing a recurring gift with your new information.

We have a non-profit organization, church, or outreach near Jinja and we'd like to partner with Amazima. Is this possible?

If your group or organization would like to work with Amazima, please write out an overview of your ministry, description of the work you are doing, information about your non-profit status, and submit it to our Board of Directors by email at thetruth@amazima.org.

Photographs by: Kristin J. Photography & Joseph Terranova