Meet the Team

Amazima Ministries is blessed with a fantastic team of servants, both in the United States and in Uganda, who work tirelessly to serve God and love others. We are privileged to introduce you to our team.

Exec Leadership Uganda Leadership Sponsor Mentors Stateside Team
Medical Staff Farm/Land Workers Masese Support Masese Teachers
Masese Cooks Buziika Operations Security Team


Executive Leadership

KATIE Davis - Founder and Executive Director
Katie sets the tone for ministry and provides leadership for the vision and direction of Amazima. She is the "heart" of the ministry, and her passion for being the hands and feet of Jesus is infectious.

DOUG Martin - Managing Director
Doug leads our U.S. and Ugandan operations. He also oversees strategic planning and donor development efforts.


Uganda Leadership

This team of gifted leaders oversees Amazima‘s programs in Uganda. From the sponsorship and feeding programs, to worship and Bible studies, to finance and administration, their dedicated servant leadership impacts every area of on the ground ministry.

BRADLEY Lang - Operations Director // SHANA Penner - Program Director // OLIVER Nakawunde - Sponsorship Program Director
RICHARD Kalongo - Youth Minister // LAURA Sseruniogi Steele - Accountant/Administrative Assistant


Sponsorship Program Mentors

This team is the face of Amazima Ministries to the community members and families impacted by our sponsorship program. Mentors improve the quality of life of sponsored children by managing the social work aspects of Amazima‘s Sponsorship Program. They minister to the communities we serve by modeling God‘s love.

VICKY Alyano // NAOMI Tukei Akello // Siraji (PETER) Bakubawa // JUDITH Kyalimpa // DIANA Akurut // ERIC Muyinda // REBECCAH Khakasa // ANNET Nyangoma // JAMES Okurut Senyonjjo // HABA Cypriano


Stateside Team

The stateside team provides operational support for Amazima‘s programs and ministry. Their work is integral in connecting our donors with the programs they support. This team oversees sponsorship, finances and donation processing, communications, donor development, prayer, and retail sales.

ERIKA Rogers - Finance & Administrative Manager // MELISSA Wheatley - Communications Manager // DEREK Bell - Programs Manager
AMY Martin - Prayer and Volunteer Coordinator // KELLI Reed - Finance Assistant // KELSEY Harrison - Administrative Assistant // LISA Smythe (not pictured) - Administrative Assistant


Medical Staff

This team compassionately treats minor to moderate medical complaints of children in our Sponsorship Program and our Ugandan staff. Nurses closely monitor cases of particular concern and counsel their patients when no medical treatment is necessary.

WASSWA Yosam - Clinical Officer // JACQUELINE Kramlich - Medical/Media Coordinator
ANNE MARY Drate Oguzo - Head Nurse // BENARD Mukama - Community Health and Development Officer


Farm and Land Workers

This team is privileged to teach the Farming God‘s Way classes to local farmers. These hard working men maintain the Amazima compound, where they are responsible for daily operations on the demonstration farm, preparing food bags on Saturdays, and serving when manual labor is needed in the community.

CHRISTOPHER Kramlich - Project Manager // ANDREW Wandera - Farm Supervisor // JOSEPH Okello //
SAMUEL Wandera // JAMES Olede // TRAVER Mukisa // PADDY Sekatawa


Masese Support Staff

The Masese Support Staff manages relationships with the Masese school and community. Our social workers counsel and support families as they face medical issues.

ELIJAH Lolem - Masese School Program Supervisor // CHRISTINE Aloyo - Social Worker // ROSE Mufumbiro - Social Worker


Masese Nursery Teachers

Our nursery teachers foster a love of learning in the young children of the Masese community by planning and implementing activities to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of these children. By introducing math and literacy concepts to the nursery level children at the Masese Co-Educational School, they are investing in the future of this community.

HARRIET Kawala - Head Nursery Teacher // AIDAH Nabirye // MARY Nakayuza // GLADYS Nabosa // MONIC Byakika


Masese Cooks

This team of cooks prepares and serves breakfast and lunch for children at the Masese Co-Educational School and for other children within the Masese community. They ensure the Feeding Program runs efficiently and in an orderly manner as they serve 1,200 children each week.

SARAH Kaluya // DRAGA Nicholas // RONALD Oyukyi // PIUS Ochakai


Buziika Operations Team

This group of wonderful staff keeps the Amazima Ministries programs functioning by fulfilling a variety of duties and being quick to lend a helping hand. Whether it is driving the bus or cooking a meal, we are thankful for their positive attitudes and devotion to their work.

PATRICK Ouma - Assistant to the Operations Director // REGINA Nanyiro - Sponsorship Cook // // JOAN Maturu - Sponsorship Cook // JOSEPHINE Nalule - Sponsorship Cook
JOSEPH Kahura Buyinza - School Bus Driver // KALOLI Katto - Facilities Attendant // AGNES Nakuchu - Facilities Attendant // LUCY Mion - Facilities Attendant // JULLIET Naigaga - Facilities Attendant


Grounds and Security Team (Askaris)

This team of "askaris" provide protection to the people and property of Amazima Ministries. They routinely inspect the property for any suspicious activities and maintain the integrity of the compound by overseeing the entrance and exit of all persons.

ALFRED Okolimong // PETER Wandera // JUMA Thomas //
BENEDICT Oundo // FRED Mutenderwa // ABRAHAM Sseguja // WILLIAM Kayondo

Photographs by: Kristin J. Photography & Joseph Terranova